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BIOMIST : BIO Medical research Imaging SemanTic data management 

ANR CONTINT 2013 - n° ANR-13-CORD-0007 


International Journal

Marianne ALLANIC, Pierre-Yves HERVE, Alexandre DURUPT, Marc JOLIOT, Philippe BOUTINAUD, Benoît EYNARD "PLM as a strategy for the management of heterogenous information in Bio-Medical Imaging field", International Journal of Information Technology and Management, (in press)

International Conference

Marianne ALLANIC, Alexandre DURUPT, Marc JOLIOT, Benoît EYNARD, Philippe BOUTINAUD " TOWARDS A DATA MODEL FOR PLM APPLICATION IN BIO-MEDICAL IMAGING" -Proceedings of TMCE 2014, May 19–23, 2014, Budapest, Hungary, edited by I. Horv´ath and Z. Rus´ak - Organizing Committee of TMCE 2014, ISBN 978-94-6186-177-1

Marianne ALLANIC, Thierry BRIAL, Alexandre DURUPT,  Marc JOLIOT,  Philippe BOUTINAUD, Benoît EYNARD "Towards an enhancement of relationships browsing in mature PLM systems" - The IFIP WG5.1 11th International Conference - PLM14

Mousnier G, Hervé PY, Joliot M (2014) "Effects of sex and handedness on the inter-hemispheric connectivity of homotopic hemispheric resting-state networks". Fourth Biennal Conference on Resting state/ Brain Connectivity, September 11-13, Boston/Cambridge, Mass, USA

Dai X., Matta N., Ducellier G., "CKD: a Cooperative Knowledge Discovery Model for Design Project", In Federated conferences of Computer Science and Information System, Poland, September 2014.

Dai X, Matta N., Ducellier G., "Cooperative knowledge discovery in design projects", in IC3K, Knowledge Management and Information System Conferences, Rome, Octobre, 2014.

Cong Cuong PHAM, Nada MATTA, Alexandre DURUPT, Benoît EYNARD, Guillaume DUCELLIER "Knowledge sharing in heterogenous data context : Application in PLM" presented at the ICED 2015, Milan Italy.

PhD Thesis

Marianne Allanic, "Gestion et Visualisation de données hétérogènes multidimensionnelles : Application PLM à la neuroimagerie", PhD Thesis, Université de Technologie de Compiègne, PhD defense expected 2015, Dec. 17th.

French national conference

Marc Joliot, "Présentation du projet Biomist et de la problématique de recherche en imagerie", colloque annuel du GDR des systèmes complexes, Metz 2014.

DURUPT A., MATTA N., "Graph-based query system, application in PLM and BioImaging domain", 20th Journées STP GDRMACS, Troyes, Février, 2015.

Scientific popularization

Short films festival "Les chercheurs font leur cinéma" for PhD Students, "Un chercheur dans tous ses états",2014

Contest participation "Ma thèse en 180 secondes", Marianne Allanic, UTC, "Gestion et visualisation de données, application à la neuroimagerie", 2015

"Neuro-Imaging life-cycle management", p.2, Interactions n°35, October 2015